Tee Houghton

Founder of Allergies in Bold & Student, Allergies in Bold

Tee Houghton

Hi, I’m Tee Houghton, I’m 18 years old (nearly an adult now… eek) and the founder of Allergies in Bold.

I have had my fair share of allergy experiences from living with multiple severe allergies but with these experiences come valuable lessons which I hope, through Allergies in Bold, I can make others on this rollercoaster of an allergy journey feel supported.

Allergies in Bold is also home to the ‘Children’s Allergy Awareness Activity Book’… more on this at the talk, and I am also a proud ambassador for the Sadie Bristow Foundation.

That’s a little bit about me in a (nut free) nutshell!

Can’t wait to meet you at the show!