Sophie Baron

Founder, Mamamade
United Kingdom

Sophie Baron

Sophie is the Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Mamamade. Since launching in 2019 from her kitchen following the birth of her daughter, Mamamade has now grown to an audience of nearly 40,000 parents and has sent 200,000 meals across the UK in the last year.

After graduating with a B.A cum laude from Columbia University in New York, Sophie served as right-hand to the editor-at-large of US Vogue, Hamish Bowles. This rolegave her the skills in content development and community building that she continues to leverage today to grow Mamamade.

After moving to Paris and then London to complete an MSc/MPhil in International Relations at the London School of Economics, Sophie joined Xexec, the leading corporate employee benefits provider in the UK, where she served as Head of
Operations, overseeing product development and compliance. Sophie was
responsible for the development of a Customer Loyalty product and built out the
organisation’s customer service processes - which she now applies as Mamamade is committed to listening to and learning from its customers and community.

Sophie now runs Mamamade alongside her partner, Ian, while raising her two young children.