Emma Dellar

Clinical Registered Nurse, St John's College, Cambridge

Emma Dellar

Emma Dellar is first and foremost an experienced clinical registered nurse, advocate and campaigner for the students, staff and fellows of St John's College, Cambridge. 

In 2014, Emma championed and co-wrote 'Guidance on the recognition and treatment of individuals at risk of anaphylaxis' for the University of Cambridge, after being inspired by caring for a casualty during an anaphylactic life-threatening reaction and previous experience in emergency medicine (including A&E and Resuscitation) and First Aid training. The aim of the guidance was to address the needs of those at risk of an anaphylactic reaction and inform students and staff, this was particular pertinent when Emma learnt of the death of a student who had died after eating at her first formal dinner as a fresher in a Cambridge college. Whilst this death had occurred many years before, Emma was concerned to hear that almost twenty years later, students were not better protected. Emma is passionate about supporting The Anaphylaxis Campaign and was a speaker at their Health Professional Conference in 2017and the following year was an invited speaker at the Mylan (EpiPen) organisational day. In 2019 Emma, alongside Jacqui McPeake) co-founded theaword and held their first event in June. This event was a fundraising and awareness dinner, to enable the commencement of their campaign to lobby the Dept of Health to change the law that relates to holding unnamed adrenaline devices in higher and further education institutions.