Caroline Benjamin & Jacqui McPeake

Consultant /Trainer, Natasha Allergy Research Foundation/Hospitality Allergen Support UK

Caroline Benjamin & Jacqui McPeake

Caroline Benjamin founded Food Allergy Aware in 2013 to assist the hospitality industry with compliance for the incoming FIR regulations (1169/2011) in December 2014. Since then, the business has grown and with over 40 years of experience in the industry, alongside her connections across all sectors, she is known as the “go to” for Allergen Information in the hospitality industry. Caroline has won awards for her training programs and has also had the opportunity to present at events across many sectors including hospitals, schools and international training and conferences with locations including Dubai and Hamburg. She has worked closely with industry associations such as the Institute of Hospitality, SOFHT, the Horticultural Trade Association and Hospital Catering Association to name but a few, providing professional resources for each organisation.

Jacqui McPeake is the Director and Founder of JACS Ltd. Following a successful career in the hospitality industry, Jacqui founded her business in 2018. Jacqui worked predominantly in the University Sector, leading her award -winning team to lead the way in managing allergens in a busy University. As the number of students with food allergies is rising, Jacqui motivated her team to ensure that the students at the University where she was Head of Catering for 10 years were catered for in a safe and friendly environment. Jacqui led her team to win awards for the pro-active approach in managing allergens and Jacqui herself has won awards for the work she has done to raise awareness of food allergies.

Jacqui and Caroline have joined forces to create Hospitality Allergen Support UK. The opportunity to collaborate is an exciting opportunity for both of us to share knowledge and resources and offers a unique service across the UK. HASUK offers a range of services to support clients and help them to make sure all their customers can eat safely regardless of their dietary requirements. Caroline in based in Southampton and Jacqui is based in Manchester, so together they are able to cover the UK.