Bay Burdett

Founder, Bay's Kitchen

Bay Burdett

I had been suffering for many years with uncomfortable symptoms on a daily or weekly basis including cramps, fatigue, back pain, bloating and the other (oh so lovely) symptoms of IBS.


In 2015 I hit the limit of pain, discomfort and the inconvenience of feeling this way and finally made an appointment with a doctor. Diagnosed with IBS, I was advised to follow a low FODMAP diet. I researched what convenient low FODMAP foods I could get in the UK and was disappointed to find there was virtually nothing – so I began to make every single meal from scratch!

Working long hours and living alone, it wasn’t sustainable to follow this diet, making every meal from scratch every day. I knew that a huge amount of people were suffering like me (1 in 5 suffer with IBS) and so I knew there had to be a better way. I decided to develop my own low FODMAP foods which were tasty and convenient… and Bay’s Kitchen was born!