The Eczema Expert

Stand: A113
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The Eczema Expert

Rebecca Bonneteau N.D. was born with chronic eczema and after spending many years learning how to support her body so she could take control of her condition naturally she now focuses her work helping others do the same.⁣  She wants to make sure that no child grows up thinking that they can’t take control of their eczema.⁣

Now a qualified Naturopath, she has set out to, first and foremost, support parents who are trying to move away from the reliance on medication. The path to taking control of eczema is not a short one, making support the number one thing you need on this journey, so her priority was to set up a network of parents who all wanted to learn and support one another.

If you are in a place where you are looking for the root of the problem, and wish to address that then be sure to stop by and visit The Eczema Expert.  

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