Check back soon for our full 2022 line-up. In the meantime, check out the programme from our last show...

  1. Learning Theatre
  2. Learning Theatre
    Parents struggling daily to plan nutritious meals for children with food allergies will be able to get some expert practical advice and treatments for managing feeding difficulties in children will be ...
  3. Learning Theatre
    Being 'gluten free' can still be challenging - even with what's on offer these days - whether on-the-go in the UK or eating out abroad, Coeliac UK will talk you through how to do, plus tell you about ...
  4. Learning Theatre
    Join Rebecca Bonneteau N.D. as she talks you through what you need to understand if you want to take control of eczema naturally.  Rebecca was born with chronic eczema and has spent her life being def ...
  5. Learning Theatre
    1 in 5 GP appointments relate to low energy and fatigue. In her talk, Jackie will examine the different diet and lifestyle factors that impact our energy production, explore the area of food intoleran ...
  6. Learning Theatre
    Sometimes there can be extra things to consider to meet your dietary needs. Coeliac UK will focus on associated conditions of coeliac disease including autoimmune thyroid and diabetes as well as other ...
  7. Learning Theatre
  8. Learning Theatre
  9. Learning Theatre
    Come to this talk to find out the difference between testing for food allergies and intolerances and that it might be that you have intestinal permeability, a leaky gut, that is making you more sensit ...
  10. Learning Theatre
    Dr Scadding will cover why the upper airway matters, how it can be affected by allergy and non-allergic inflammation, and how it can be best treated. Links with asthma will also be explored.
  11. Learning Theatre
    Understanding eczema; the environmental triggers as well as endogenous triggers, the role of the different therapies to enable manipulation to control eczema and have time to enjoy life.
  12. Learning Theatre
    This talk will cover how to correctly apply your child’s topical eczema treatments including emollients and topical steroids and how to involve children with their eczema care.
  13. Learning Theatre
    Find out how to relieve the most common digestive problems naturally.  Including bloating, flatulence, burping, indigestion, heartburn, constipation and diarrhoea.  Learn how to identify foods that co ...
  14. Learning Theatre
    How to access the truth when information is so widely available – dispelling the myths you are finding online.
  15. Learning Theatre
    Understanding IBS and FODMAP - from being diagnosed, where to start with the diet and where to find help.
  16. Learning Theatre
    Gluten free bloggers and veteran coeliacs Laura Strange (@myglutenfreeguide) and Sarah Howells (@GFBlogger) talk about how to live a happy gluten free life.
  17. Learning Theatre
  18. Learning Theatre
    Becky is one of the most well-known GF / IBS / FODMAP influencers. From diagnosis to now, she's shared her "(painful) trial-and-error roller-coaster" journey with followers via her blog. This is your ...
  19. Learning Theatre
    An insight from perspective of caterers caterers at universities, Jacqui and Emma will provide reassurance on how allergies are managed carefully in the University Sector. Emma will also include some ...

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