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Introducing: your heroes.

Heroes for 2019 Allergy & Free From Show

Back in March 2018 our beloved event was brought to a halt by ‘The Beast From the East’… but fear not, heroes are coming to your rescue.

Cast your mind back to 2 March when the whole of Scotland was stopped by the extreme snow storm dubbed ‘The Beast From the East’.

We were taken aback by the immense support we received from you when we had to make the difficult decision to cancel our annual Scottish Allergy & Free From Show due to this adverse weather.

Well, FreeFromers, since that day we’ve not stopped thinking about you and neither have our sponsors, partners and exhibitors.

These companies were so keen to see you that they didn’t think twice about signing up for next year’s event straight away.

These companies care about you.

These companies are coming to the rescue.

These companies are confirmed already and your ‘2019 Allergy & Free From Show Scotland Heroes’!

  Hero: Freee by Doves Farm  Hero: Coeliac UK  Hero: Allergy UK

Hero: Juvela  Hero: Daura Damm  Hero: OptiBac  Hero: Anderson Aromatics  Hero: Baotics  Hero: Isagenix  Hero: Wild Flours  Hero: HeckLogoss12  Logos00  Logos01  Logos02

Logos03Logos04  Logos05  Logos06  Logos07Logos08 Logos09  Logos10  Logos11

We’ll have more hero announcements for you over the coming months so keep an eye on your inbox, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and you’ll see offers, exclusives and more reasons why you should book your tickets asap.

— AFF Scotland Show Team :)

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