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  • A.Vogel
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  • A.Vogel herbal remedies can be found in over 40 countries and our products are popular in the UK, Ireland as well as our ‘home country’, Switzerland.

    It was the eminent Swiss naturopath, Alfred Vogel, who founded the brand in the mid 1950s. From clinical experience, he found that herbal remedies made from freshly harvested herbs worked better.

    The extra effort put into using fresh plants is what still distinguishes A.Vogel from other herbal products. The company is based on an organic farm in Switzerland and growing our own herbs means that we are with our remedies at every stage of their journey, from seed to shelf.

    A.Vogel is a Trust, dedicating money to education and research as our founder wished. His insistence on quality and cutting edge methodology means that our products have always been of the highest standard, a fact that made it simpler for us to achieve registrations after the Traditional Herbal Registration legislation was implemented. Our best-known product, Echinaforce (an extract of Echinacea purpurea, for colds and flu), has had a medicines licence since 1997.
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