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FreeFrom’s State of Flux Trade Conference: Programme


10:30 – 10:45 Registration & Networking

10:45 – 12:00  Session 1: Re-imagining FreeFrom – everything you know is wrong?

Panelist & Chair: Simon Wright, Owner, OF+ Consulting
Panelist: Panelist: Alistair Vince, CEO and Founder, Watch Me Think
Panelist: Al Overton, Buying Director, Planet Organic
Panelist: John Whittaker, Head of Marketing, Future Thinking
Panelist: Val Kirillovs, Research & Insights Director, HIM
Panelist: Tom Lee, Editor, Food Spark

The FreeFrom sector was conceived for, and remains vital to millions that deal with allergies, intolerances and related conditions.  Yet as it rockets towards a UK market value of £1 billion, its consumer relevance and application today is far more complex, thus delivering unique challenges and opportunities in equal measure!  FreeFrom has (arguably unintentionally) found itself at the centre of a modern consumer movement, which is unprecedented and certainly no ‘fad’.  This movement spans health, wellbeing and a growing heightened consumer consciousness regarding global issues of environment, sustainability, animal (and human) welfare and religion.

This ties FreeFrom to the vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, natural, organic, Fairtrade, low sugar, low salt, and a host of other consumer interests sure to follow!  This begs the question: has FreeFrom been re-imagined to mean something broader?  Is FreeFrom now the ‘umbrella brand’ for the most exciting consumer movement in living memory?  How should manufacturers, distributors and retailers react?

Simon Wright leads a panel of expert contributors, well placed to take on this healthiest of debates!

12:00 – 12:15 Networking Break

12:15 – 13:30 Session 2: FreeFrom – how are brands pushing the broadening boundaries?

Panelist & Chair: Hamish Renton, Managing Director, Hamish Renton Associates
Panelist: Amy Moring, Co-Founder, Hunter and Gather Foods
Panelist: Anneka Edwick, Founder, Hella Yum
Panelist: Sarah Augustine, Marketing Manager, Oomi Noodles
Panelist: Jenna Farmer, Nutritionist and Blogger (A Balanced Belly)

With the boundaries of FreeFrom broadening, how are brand owners reacting?  Furthermore, are the brands that entered this space over the last 12 months positioning themselves differently to more established FreeFrom players, who entered 5, or perhaps even 2 years ago?

Hamish Renton returns to the conference with an inspiring and exciting panel perfectly positioned to discuss how they approached the ever-changing modern FreeFrom challenge!  The talk will build on the themes covered within the conference’s first session, applying specific brand case studies from those at the coalface of the sector!

13:30 – 17:00 Conference close – delegates invited to attend the wider Allergy & Free From Show


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