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Learning Theatre

Free-entry seminars from the experts.

Seminars from the UK’s leading experts in Allergies, Coeliac Disease, Eczema, IBS and more, this was a chance to sit in on these valuable sessions for FREE, just by attending the show. An opportunity to hear from and talk to the people who know the most about your condition.

Session: Myth busting Coeliac Disease
Speaker: Lorna Gardner, Dietician, Coeliac UK
Presented by: Coeliac UK

Session: Could food sensitivity be undermining your health?
Speaker: Nicola Moore, Registered Nutritional Therapist
Presented by: The Institute for Optimum Nutrition

Session: How to cope with anxiety following a severe reaction
Speaker: Dr Polly James Clinical Psychologist, St Thomas’ Foundation Hospital Trust
Presented by: Action Against Allergies

Session: IBS – symptoms overview, latest treatments, research and self-help programmes
Speakers: Michelle Henderson, Bowel Specialist Nurse
Deborah Wyatt, Director, talkhealth Partnership
Presented by: talkhealth

Session: 8 lessons we’ve learned travelling with allergies
Speakers: Nina Modak, Director, Eat Allergy Safe
Emma Amoscato, Blogger, Free From Farmhouse
Presented by: Allergy Travels

Session: All about Eczema: answers to common questions people ask the National Eczema Society
Speaker: Julie Van Onselen, Dermatology Nurse
Presented by: National Eczema Society

Session: Important research talk
Speaker: Dr Heidi Urwin, Research Manager, Coeliac UK
Presented by: Coeliac UK

Masterclass: The myths and facts of managing sensitive and allergy-prone skin
Speaker: Dr Justine Hextall, Consultant Dermatologist
Presented by: La Roche-Posay

Session: Breastfeeding with cows milk protein allergy
Speaker: Lauren Gordon, Blogger
Presented by:

Session: Natural solutions for digestive problems and IBS
Speaker: Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, Nutritionist
Presented by: Natural Health Practice

Session: Eating out with severe allergies
Speaker: Lynne Regent, CEO
Presented by: The Anaphylaxis Campaign

Session: Traveling with allergies
Speaker: Holly Shaw, Allergy Nurse
Presented by: Allergy UK

Session: IBS: A real life guide
Speaker: Becky Excell, Food & Health Blogger
Presented by: Gluten Free Cuppa Tea

Session: Healthier homes with Allergy UK
Speaker: Leigh George, Head of Endorsements
Presented by: Allergy UK

Session: What is the difference between an allergy and an intolerance, and is a leaky gut driving your intolerances?
Speaker: Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, Nutritionist
Presented by: Natural Health Practice

Session: 50 things you need to know about Coeliac Disease and the gluten free diet
Speaker: Maria Tzanetou, Dietitian, Coeliac UK
Presented by: Coeliac UK

Session: Allergy parents workshop: beating allergy anxiety and building confidence
Speaker: Nina Modak, Allergy Coach & Advocate, Eat Allergy Safe
Presented by: Eat Allergy Safe

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