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Philips Healthy Home

The Philips Healthy Home gave you a full shot of nutrients and vitamins, plus the best advice on how to combat your allergies!

At the 2017 event, Philips were excited to bring their Healthy Home to the show for the first time. This wastheir opportunity to talk to you about the importance of having enough nutrients and vitamins every day, tell you about alternative solutions to reduce allergy symptoms, and show off their powerful vacuum cleaners, that help to lock all dust and allergens from your home.


Healthy Home Kitchen

Fresh fruit and vegetables are vital for a healthy lifestyle. Philips’ range of juicers and high-speed blenders make it quick and easy for you to enjoy them. Choosing healthier drinks is a key part of getting a balanced diet, even during our busiest day. They help to increase your intake of nutrients so you can get the recommended daily amount, with minimum fuss and maximum taste.

At the show, you were able to head over to the Healthy Home Kitchen, where they will prepare fresh vegetables and fruits for you to ensure you get all required vitamins and nutrients needed to enjoy the entire day!


Healthy Home Lounge

Did you know that indoor air can have 2 to 5 times more allergens and pollutants than outdoor air? This can cause sneezes and sniffles, especially during spring and summer time. If you are suffering from allergies and hay fever, or simply would like to ensure that the indoor air at home is clean, join Philips in the Healthy Home Lounge.

Philips showed you how their Air Purifier cleans the air from allergens and pollutants. You were also able to talk to experts, such as Dr Dawn Harper (Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies), to find out more about the importance of having clean indoor air at home, and helping you to relieve those allergy symptoms, with unique and patented technology.

Have you ever imagined a vacuum cleaner that you can lift up in the air, from the ground, while sitting on a chair? Healthy Home Lounge area allowed you to participate in an demonstration and learn how Philips Anti-Allergen Vacuum Cleaners can help you fight those allergy symptoms, while delivering superior dust and dirt pick-up on all floor types.


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