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  • Tobia Teff UK Ltd
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  • Sophie Sirak-Kebede
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  • Welcome to the world of Teff! Native to only a few countries in the world, Teff is a nutritional powerhouse packed full of nutrients like calcium, thiamin and iron. Oh, and did we mention it's naturally gluten and sugar free too? We at Tobia Teff are proud to be the UK's leading Teff supplier and bring to the UK a taste of one of the healthiest grains on earth.

    A family run business from the heart of London, Tobia Teff started out manufacturing traditional Ethiopian Teff Enjera - a staple food for the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Since then, we've grown and grown and now supply our very own NHS with gluten-free Teff Flour so Coeliac sufferers can order Teff on prescription straight from their doctor.

    Tobia Teff also manufactures finished products like pure Teff Bread, Teff breakfast cereals, pure Teff Enjera (fermented sourdough flat bread) and the newest addition to our Teff family, the popular Teff Meksess - beautifully morish and super healthy snack bars in a range of flavours from coconut flakes to decadent white and dark chocolate.

    We are proud to supply only Teff products, making us the leading company on all things Teff - a true superfood hailing from a truly ancient and remarkable land. We look forward to introducing you to the secrets of our family cooking traditions, and the health benefits Ethiopians have been reaping from Teff for generations.

    Find us on Twitter @tobiateff and send us pictures of your tasty Teff creations!
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