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Becky meets…Perkier


You may be familiar with Perkier from your supermarket’s free-from aisle and The Allergy + Free From Show of course! However, with a brand new range of free from products, and a vibrant new rebrand, I caught up with Ann to see how Perkier just became a whole lot more Perkier!

What are Perkier’s ultimate goals when it comes to free from?

“We are a young food company, focused on providing snacks and breakfasts bursting with delicious whole foods, and providing nutritious slow release energy to help you make the most of every day. We are always gluten & wheat free, and are often dairy free too.”

Perkier has been a prominent brand down the free from aisle for quite a while now, but for those who don’t know, what inspired you to create Perkier?

“I went gluten free a few years ago, and suddenly after years of undiagnosed health issues I felt like me on a good day, every day. I had bags more energy, felt clear headed and the stomach cramps, headaches, and all the other rubbish ailments that I’d suffered with, disappeared too! It was a life changing experience.

However, I found many of the gluten free products I tried lacking in taste, nutrition and true enjoyment- so I decided to do something myself- and luckily convinced my partner Steve to join me and together we created PERK!ER in 2013. PERK!ER is a mash up of our surnames Ann Perkins and Steve Turner ;o)”

We love the recent rebrand of Perkier! What were your reasons behind doing this, what did you hope to achieve?

“Some people thought we were a big business, a corporate brand, but we’re not. We’re 2 people listening to our consumers & creating foods to meet their needs. So we’ve updated our brand image to reflect who we are, a small startup company creating nutritious foods.”

What is your favourite PERK!ER product?

“Right now it has to be the Cacao & Cashew Quinoa bar. It’s packed full of goodness! Creamy cashew nuts, deliciously chocolaty cacao, organic quinoa. I’m making myself hungry… hold on, I’m going to have to grab one!”

You guys are a familiar face at every Allergy & Free From Show, how has the show helped you reach out to more people?

“We love the Allergy & Free From Show! It’s great to meet loyal perky fans, and meet lots of new customers who have never seen us or tried our food before.

At the show we can show our full range of products, share samples of our food to taste, and offer great prices too.

It’s also a great opportunity to chat! Hear what the shows visitors are loving and their frustrations too, and share some top tips for happily living free from.”

Perkier has always stood for gluten free. With your recent rebrand, what other values does the new Perkier stand for?

“Our brand will always be gluten free, and many products are dairy free too. We seek out the most nutritious whole foods on the planet, abundant in nutrients your body needs to thrive, and use them in delicious ways to provide long lasting energy.”

If someone is debating whether to visit The Allergy & Free From Show this year, what would you say to convince them to go?

“I’m a free from consumer myself and I love visiting the show- it’s a great chance to try new products before you buy, meet the guys behind the businesses & grab some bargains too… I can’t wait!”

You’ve always rewarded the early birds who get to your stand first with Perkier goodie bags, what can we expect in Liverpool?!

“Check out our Facebook and Twitter page the day before the show and get ready to #getyourperkyon!”

What can we look forward to in the future from Perkier?

“Well that’s top secret I’m afraid! But watch this space! ;o)”


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