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Becky meets… KoKo Dairy Free



Nobody appreciates the humble coconut more than KoKo Dairy Free. Their range of deliciously dairy free coconut milk has been a prominent ‘must try’ product at The Allergy and Free From Show for several years now.

In a world dominated by soy and nut milks, Koko dairy free makes a wonderful alternative to cow’s milk (and even an alternative to alternative milk!) I was lucky enough to catch up with Andrea from Koko dairy free to see what’s around the corner for this exciting brand.

1.    You guys are a familiar face at every Allergy & Free From Show, how has the show helped you reach out to more people?

“Unfortunately people with allergies can have a limited diet, so by being present at The Allergy & Free From Show enables people to see us and engage with us trying different foods & products. We strongly believe that people should be able to trial our products prior to purchasing and we are pleased to be able to send them to over 5000 retail outlets of our product in the UK.”

2.    How would you convince someone to try Koko Dairy Free over other alternatives to cow’s milk?

“Koko Dairy Free is a great milk alternative to use. It doesn’t curdle in tea and coffee and has a very similar texture to cow’s milk, making it as versatile to use. It is also suitable for those following a dairy and soya free diet. Our Koko Dairy Free is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans and those wanting to control their cholesterol as it is cholesterol free!”

3.    What exciting ways can you use Koko Dairy Free in a recipe (savoury and/or dessert?)

“Koko Dairy Free is great used in Yorkshire puddings, in fish pies, in custard and pancakes. You can use it as an ingredient to make ice cream and other desserts.”

4.    If someone is debating whether to visit The Allergy & Free From Show this year, what would you say to convince them to go?

“The Allergy & Free From Show is a perfect platform for small companies like ourselves wanting to show people the great products and ideas we have. Our aim is to target a market that needs us!”

5.    What can we look forward to in the future from Koko Dairy Free? Are there any new products or events forthcoming that you’re particularly excited about?

Expect some really exciting new products from Koko Dairy Free in 2016! We have been working really hard behind the scenes with product development & the fruits of our labours will start to hit the shelves in Early Spring.”

6.    What can we expect from Koko Dairy Free at The Allergy & Free From Show?

“At this year’s Allergy & Free From show we will be sampling our new products Koko Dairy Free Light (a lower fat version of our Koko Dairy Free milk alternative), Koko Dairy Free spread (alternative to margarine) and our award winning Koko Cuisine Virgin Coconut Oil, people are free to try and purchase all products. We can’t wait to see you all in Liverpool!”

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